To Conduct Great Technical Interviews, All You Need is InterviewOS
Tailored Scorecards + Structured Interviews

Scott speaking at Codemash Conference in 2019

Hi, I'm Scott Drake.

I help leaders build motivated and high-impact technology teams. My 25-year career includes stops at Microsoft in Redmond, WA, at startups and scale-ups from coast to coast, and I owned a software development firm for seven years.

Scott speaking at Codemash Conference in 2019

Technical Hiring Managers tell me:

  • They can't align the interview process from the first screening through the offer.
  • They struggle to assess fit and motivation.
  • They feel stuck using technical screenings that aren't predictive of success.
  • They involve teammates who don't understand what to look for or their role in the process.

Any of these create a disconnected interview process which leads to:

  • Poor hiring decisions.
  • Motivation and fit issues.
  • Gut hiring decisions with little data to back it up.
  • Losing great candidates to untrained interviewers.

Free Guide: Five Steps to Designing a Great Technical Interview Process

InterviewOS helps you install a fair, meritocratic, and structured interview process. It will help you involve your team and make great hiring decisions.

In this free, five-minute guide, I introduce an interview process that helps you:

  • Understand which candidates have the skills, fit, and motivation to thrive on your team.
  • Write differentiated job descriptions that entice the candidates you need.
  • Get your whole team interviewing from the same playbook with the same mindset.
  • Help all your interviewers conduct fair and accurate interviews.


Scott brings a pragmatic approach, vision, strategy, and energy. He knows how to build a strong team. He's an easy person to respect. He's a strong mentor. He's the kind of guy you enjoy working with and would gladly work with again.

Ian H., Director

One thing that Scott said that has stuck with me is "We get to decide if this is a great place to work or not." That statement encompassed Scott's leadership style and allowed the team to have autonomy and accountability.

Daniel K., Engineer

Scott is a highly skilled strategic thinker and added a lot of value to our management team. He's a planner and a problem-solver. He made an impact on our entire company's culture.