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Hello Business Owners and Executives,

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My name is Scott Drake. I'm a leadership trainer and coach who's an expert at teaching delegation quickly. Like most leaders, it took me years to master delegation. When I saw other managers on my team going through the same painful learning curve, I set out to find a faster way to teach it. When I couldn't find the delegation training my team needed, I invented it.

The Problem

Delegation is a make-or-break skill for leaders at all levels, yet very few have a complete toolbox that helps them do it well. If you hear or say these things, I can help.

  1. "I'll just do it myself because it will be faster or easier."
  2. "How do I get people to work to my standards?"
  3. "How do I inspire an ownership mentality in my team?"
  4. "I wish my team would bring me solutions instead of just problems."
  5. "If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself."

The Solution: Delegation Grid™

Delegation Grid™ is a tool that simplifies delegation. Based on what you're delegating and your level of trust with the person, you'll use one of 12 strategies to delegate. This free, 45-minute lesson covers the basics and will help make a smart decision about training and coaching.

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30-Day Training and Coaching Programs

Delegation can be easy to understand but hard to do. Training and coaching helps you and your team connect the dots and become empowering and motivating leaders much faster. Sessions include:

What to Delegate

How to Delegate

Common Challenges

Open Coaching

Results You'll Achieve

Over the course of our work together, you should expect to:

Reduce dependency on yourself and other top-level leaders.
Improve efficiency and operations.
Improve morale or turnover issues.
Improve decision-making throughout the organization.
Improve innovation and creativity.
Reduce unhealthy conflict.
Reduce micromanagement and become more empowering.
Implement Delegation Grid's™ 12 strategies.
Grow confidence as leaders instead of doers.