Meet Scott

"I simplify management so everyone can thrive at work."

Ideals and Values

I believe every person — including employees, managers, and owners — should have a great place to work. This includes right-sized challenges, caring leadership, work-life balance, manageable stress, and psychological safety.

I believe all leaders should have best-in-class training so they can thrive in their role and feel confident they are doing the right things.

I believe all organizations should have motivated teams that create value and thoughtful leaders to guide them.

These things rarely happen by accident. I help entrepreneurs and business owners take deliberate and strategic steps to live up to these ideals.


My 25-year career includes stops at Microsoft in Redmond, Wash., at startups in Silicon Valley, and I owned a software development firm for seven years.

I have an extensive background in training, learning science, and educational technology. My most recent role was Vice President of Technology for medical education disrupter ScholarRx. In that role, I worked with a team of educators who were reinventing training for the next generation of medical doctors.

About five years into my leadership journey, I discovered that I wasn't a good leader. I'm among the 80% of people who are not natural leaders but can learn. Looking back, I wouldn't want to work for my younger self. That guy was way too opinionated and micromanaging. He took too many wins for himself and left too few places for his team to shine.

When I started building management teams under me, I saw next-generation leaders making the same mistakes. I wanted to help so I began searching for a faster way to teach leadership. That search turned into a five-year research project and the innovations that I now share with others.

Away from the office, I enjoy cooking (I'm a meat-and-potatoes guy turned vegetarian) and travelling with my wife, Jenny. I also enjoy following Formula1, IndyCar, and NBA basketball.

I am based in Louisville, KY and support clients worldwide.