"Happy people make great tech."

I believe everyone should have a great place to work. This includes right-sized challenges, growth opportunities, and caring leadership.

I believe all leaders should have best-in-class training so they can thrive in their role and feel confident they are doing the right things.

I believe organizations should have motivated teams that create value and thoughtful leaders to guide them.

These things rarely happen by accident, especially in tech. I help leaders like you take deliberate and strategic steps to live up to these ideals.

My 25-year career includes stops at Microsoft in Redmond, Wash., at startups in Silicon Valley, and I owned a software development firm for seven years. In 2021, I left my role as Vice President of Technology for medical education disrupter ScholarRx because I want to help more organizations become great places to work.

I've been in the trenches building happy and high-impact teams for more than two decades, and I'm excited to share my innovations and help you do the same.