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Complete Leader Challenge

A complete leader has the right mindset, can monitor their effectiveness as a leader and self-correct, understands all of the facets of the role, and can chart their own course for future development and growth.

This coaching program is for individuals or small groups. It includes ten one-hour coaching sessions delivered over six months and follows the Complete Leader Training Series available at JumpCoach.

After this engagement, you will:

  • Clearly understand what leadership is and what it is not.
  • Be able to lead from your current position, even if it's not a position of authority.
  • Know what to observe and monitor in your team to know where you're doing well and where you need to improve.
  • Have a continuous self-improvement toolbox so you can be more strategic with your ongoing learning and growth.

This program introduces forever tools you will use for the rest of your career.

The following sessions are suggested, but they can be adapted to your needs.

  • Session 1: The Mindset – How do leaders think differently than role players?
  • Session 2: Emotional Intelligence and Growth Mindset
  • Session 3: Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Session 4: Personal Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Session 5: The Scorecard – How will you know you're doing a great job?
  • Session 6: Four Goals of a Leader
  • Session 7: Nine Jobs of a Leader
  • Session 8: Wayfinding – What should you study next to grow as a leader?
  • Session 9: Topical Plans
  • Session 10: Personal Leadership Plan

This program is for:

  • Aspiring leaders who are preparing to level up in their career.
  • New leaders who want to shortcut the learning curve and become successful leaders faster.
  • Growing leaders who wish to take control of their training and careers.

How is it delivered?

This program follows a challenge-based, flipped-classroom model. You will study and prepare before each session, and dig deeper into the topics during the session.

This program is delivered online via Zoom.

Packages start at $3,500.

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